Dave & Barb Bindewald

Friday, August 27, 2010

The End of Summer and Sabbatical

- the church giving Dave a three-month-sabbatical
- an entire month spent in Japan:
     reconnecting with friends from 10-20 years ago
     serving the missionaries and the churches
     remembering and reliving some memories of that culture and people
- back home in the States:
     having the privilege of worshipping the Lord at nine different churches
     working on the yard and the house
     talking together
     going out to eat
     being with family
     and resting some more!

We are VERY GRATEFUL to the Lord and to Lexington Presbyterian Church for this wonderful gift!
Lots of good memories on both sides of the world:
meeting a lot of new brothers and sisters in the Lord
teaching Bible Studies
sharing at the church we planted with Pastor Yoshi 20 years ago
meeting some precious children
celebrating the 20th anniversary service of Seiseki Grace Christ Church

fixing and renovating

eating GREAT sushi
talking with missionaries
once again experiencing this unique culture of old...

...and new
going back to our old house and neighborhood...

and running into our neighbors from 20 years ago!
having sweet reunions
relaxing with son David and his family at the lake
Playing in our pool
painting our bathroom VERY pink!
watching daddy and his girls
working on the honey-do list
playing with our grandchildren
boating on the lake with Erin and Kate
taking lots of pictures
getting to know our newest grandchild, Kate
feeding the goats
chilling out with the girls and Chibi
and resting.....