Dave & Barb Bindewald

Monday, May 20, 2013

Finishing Oyumino Renovation

The renovation project is finished! The team did an amazing job. Everything looks great.

One of many discussions about how it will all work out.

The stove we ordered was bigger than the one that it replaced! Turns out the old one was RV size. So we had to remove the little cabinet and counter top that was on the far right to make room for new stove.

Carpet squares going down

Mike and Pastor Dedachi

We yelled down dimensions for all the trim and it was cut and carried up

The Caulking Queen

 Rotted soffit repaired

Waiting on gas company to install valve for new stove

New door was in container for Chiharadai Church, but sadly it didn't fit

Sunday School of the first day in the new sanctuary!

Team member Erik gives testimony during service

Bob preaching

Team #3 holding trays of sushi for goodbye lunch party after service

A blend of cultures - pizza and sushi

The team presented the church with flowers congratulating them on their first worship service in the new sanctuary

Great day of rejoicing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Renovation at Oyumino Chapel

Oyumino Chapel in Chiba Japan is undergoing renovations, getting all new windows, lights, ceiling fans and carpet. The building is 22 years old and in need of repairs and upgrading. Fairly extensive termite and water damage was found and repairs have been made. It's coming along nicely!

 A 40-ft. container was sent from Oak Mountain Pres Church in Birmingham. Here is a shot from inside the container looking out at the Customs agents and shippers at Yokohama Port.

 The mother of all fork lifts was there. It could pick up a fully loaded 40 foot truck bed container!

Windows being unloaded for inspection

We hired a crane to lift container off the truck bed

After much of the container was unloaded, the team converted it into a workshop

 Work begins

The Oyumino Apt got a new dishwasher. Here is the conversion chart for fittings at the hardware store. Didn't go very well. But it is hooked up now after Team 2 brought some fittings.

Jennifer's camo pants worked pretty well

Trash piles up

 The container was wired for outlets and lights

 Old windows coming out; new ones nearby ready to go in

Curt takes a reading break before supper after a long day's work 

New windows in with a view out to the container in the parking lot

Windows in, but old fans and lights not yet replaced

Exterior view with scaffolding. Mesh on left side is to protect neighbor's house from dust and debris. No houses on other 3 sides.

Took some of the guys out for sushi

Pretty decent showing

Neighborhood kids and moms very interested in the progress

Pastor Dedachi helped with painting and lots of other things

John painting trim

Ken painting trim

Professional carpenter Curt at work

Only thing they bought here was one soft serve ice cream cone. "We didn't come to Japan to go to McDonalds!"

Church members pitched in to help pre-paint trim

Church members brought meals

Pocky snacks

Did I mention the trim painting?

Jennifer with Ryo

The termite and wet wood damage was pretty bad, but it was all fixed

Even the exterior siding had to be replaced in a few locations

Laser beam saw makes cutting easier

Master carpenter and team leader Gorden has 3 saws going at once, depending on angle of cut needed

 Panorama of Chapel with new windows, lights and ceiling fans. Click for larger view.

Work table in Chapel

Chef Ray getting ready for Alabama BBQ cookout

He brought Kingsford charcoal and a grill in the container!

The master chef at work

Dedachis brought sushi party tray to compliment Alabama BBQ

Mike shows Dedachis pix of his grand kids

Gorden holding Jo, #8 Dedachi child