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Monday, May 20, 2013

Finishing Oyumino Renovation

The renovation project is finished! The team did an amazing job. Everything looks great.

One of many discussions about how it will all work out.

The stove we ordered was bigger than the one that it replaced! Turns out the old one was RV size. So we had to remove the little cabinet and counter top that was on the far right to make room for new stove.

Carpet squares going down

Mike and Pastor Dedachi

We yelled down dimensions for all the trim and it was cut and carried up

The Caulking Queen

 Rotted soffit repaired

Waiting on gas company to install valve for new stove

New door was in container for Chiharadai Church, but sadly it didn't fit

Sunday School of the first day in the new sanctuary!

Team member Erik gives testimony during service

Bob preaching

Team #3 holding trays of sushi for goodbye lunch party after service

A blend of cultures - pizza and sushi

The team presented the church with flowers congratulating them on their first worship service in the new sanctuary

Great day of rejoicing

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