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Monday, January 20, 2014

Back in the US of A

The last month before returning to the US for our six month home ministry assignment was packed with activity. Some highlights:

 Going away party for some missionaries heading soon to southeast Asia

Sushi rice with all kinds of toppings

Chopped raw tuna

Going away party for me at our church

Going away lunch at noodle shop with two good church friends, Mr. Kabeya above and Mr. Kawanishi below

Lots of New Years decorations. Bamboo and pine for wishes of longevity and life with dried rice plants at the bottom.

In Japan making mochi is often done around New Years. This is at Honda Chapel.

 Rice is steamed in these stacked cookers

 Wood fired

 Mallets cleaned up afterwards

 Panorama (click to enlarge) of my last Sonship seminar

Twice a month I drive an hour one way to preach at a bilingual service on Sunday afternoon at 5 pm. They took me out to dinner as a thank you afterwards. Australian visitor Nathan came with us. Other Japanese men are two generations of pastors. 

Photo: hee hee
And finally back in the USA! 
I can't stop hugging her.

So good to be back with family.
Connected through Toronto -- snow and ice on ground both there and Pittsburgh, but no delays! 

Had a chocolate fondue dessert party watching Downton Abbey (which I had never seen before). For those of you wondering what this is, the pot in the middle has melted chocolate with a heating flame below. The long handled forks are used for dipping the various items in the chocolate. From the left - pound cake squares, pretzels, apples, strawberries, clementines (mikans), 4 kinds of gourmet marshmallows, Turkish apricots, crystallized ginger, Biscotti, and bananas (not visible).