Dave & Barb Bindewald

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

The cherry trees are in their last few days here. We had a very windy and rainy day that knocked a lot of them down, and plastered them everywhere! Made for some very interesting shots. But first a walk on a sunny day before the rain...

In our front yard. It has been so interesting to see what flowers have popped up, planted by the previous tenants and owner. 

On the walking path right behind our house

More from our front yard

Cherry blossoms

Checking the mail. Notice our futons hanging out in sunshine and fresh air.

Then the rain and wind started

Our back "yard." I'm standing on our stoop, and the yard ends at the gate. That's the walking path beyond the gate. The fence to the right is where the neighbor's yard begins.

Our neighbor's house, from our stoop. Love the patterns of the petals.

The petals blow into our front entrance each time we open the door. We actually like it this way and are not too quick to clean it up!

This is out our second floor window looking down on part of our neighbor's roof.

I might use this as my computer desktop picture!