Dave & Barb Bindewald

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To Tokyo Station For a Meeting

Barbara and I went to a meeting in downtown Tokyo. The Tokyo Train Station has been newly renovated and we took the opportunity to look around. Where we live in Chiba (about an hour and a half away) can get crowded, but this was something else.

But before we take you to Tokyo, a video from early this morning right behind our house:

And on to Tokyo Station...

 Everybody loves the Yomiuri Giants

The newest Bullet Train is "Japan Red" but this is a model. Maybe on another trip we'll see the real thing.

Shinkansen is Bullet Train

 Exterior of the station


 Inside the building near the station, where we had our meeting on the 4th floor

Hawaiian Hamburger Shop

Tokyo is in the running to host the 2020 Olympics. This was in the lobby of the building.

Some cultural exchange event was going on between Japan and Chile. 
I don't know who photo bombed whom, me or this smiling lady.

Coffee shop in the lobby

Cherry Blossom Cafe, so fitting for these two weeks of blooms everywhere

Walking back to the station from our meeting

That's about a dollar per 10 minutes. And now they have charging stations for Prii or whatever the plural is of Prius.

Back to the station

South Entrance
The walls are made of marble, but some people take it for granite.
Sorry  :-)

Inside lobby with new dome. If you click for a larger view you might be able to see the mesh netting to keep birds out. 

City of Tokyo Rail Map
The red arrow near the middle marks your location at Tokyo Station on the circular Yamanote Loop Line. Bigger map on left side is trains and smaller one on right is subway lines. So you superimpose the left one on top of the right one. Really mind boggling to consider the infrastructure involved.

People looking up at the dome as light comes down from above. Pray with us that more Japanese would look up to the true and living God.

There are numerous levels down to get to the many different different train and subway lines that converge in Tokyo Station. You just keep going deeper and deeper and try not to think about earthquakes or tsunami!

The Keiyo Line goes out to Chiba where we live. 

Some videos...

Watch for the kid from the movie "Up"!

Inside the dome area

Walking back from the meeting to the station. Two ambulances pulled up and several people were loaded in. Never found out what happened.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ministry and Cherry Blossoms

Elder K. at Megumi No Mori church was made elder emeritus 

Barbara meeting with the Open House English liaison (left) and Pastor's wife (right)

Dave at Friday morning men's fellowship breakfast

Cherry trees a few days before peak

We hope that ministry continues to blossom in Japan! So many opportunities.