Dave & Barb Bindewald

Sunday, August 7, 2011

You're WHAT???!!!

We told our church a few weeks ago that we believe that God is calling us BACK to Japan at age 59 and after being back in the States for 13 years!  Some moments we look at each other incredulously and say "What are we doing!!????" But most times we have a childlike, peaceful, quiet KNOWING that we're just following our King...as has always been our desire.  Our hearts are full and our minds race; remembering the past years in Japan...

...and our trip there last summer:


...and at the same time LOVING our family and church family here:

...yet not able to forget what we saw through Dave and Paul's trip after the earthquake and tsunami:

...and feeling a call, a desire to go back to those people who have suffered so much and who have blessed us and taught us and enriched our lives.

Lord, You have been our faithful Guide and Shepherd, Loving Father, Powerful Savior.  We trust You for the future.  You are the sure foundation for our times; the only foundation that cannot be shaken.  Our lives are in Your strong, loving hands.  By Your grace and enabling, we will follow You...gladly!


Julie said...

love all these pics. love you guys!

Brantley said...

Great pictures! I know it must be so hard to leave behind your precious famil(ies) but what a comfort to know that the Lord will use you for his glory in Japan! You are such an encouragement to me!!!

Rachel said...

What wonderful pictures. They tell so much! We love you both and will miss you dearly. Our prayers will always be with you.
Love, Rachel C