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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chiba City Day Trip

We went into Chiba City for a day to look around.

Kamatori, our local train station

 Chiba City is a few stations to the left, through Soga. One to the right is Honda where Honda Chapel is, one of the MTW church sites.

Signs from the train platform

 Did I lose that ticket already?

More signs, and a view of our station area

Now in Chiba station area

Shopping area around Chiba station

No explanation needed, for most of you

Pachinko pinball parlor. There is a video below.

Artificial but pretty

In Japan, too

These are real. Cabbage plants with pansies.

Chiba Station area

 Chiba Station area

Near Chiba Station East Entrance

Decided to take a short trip on the Chiba Monorail. This is inside the monorail station.

Took the monorail to Chiba Zoo & Park but did not go in.

Under the monorail tracks

Inside monorail car. Looks almost identical to regular train & subway cars. Sound was different, though.

Zoo Entrance


Leaving Chiba Station

Walking down street and into pachinko parlor

Ever wonder how they get the drinks up to vending machines on train platforms?

Monorail coming into Chiba Station. No wheels below!

Monorail leaves Chiba Station with view out over city

Monorail arrives at zoo stop to go back to Chiba. I had to run a little to get on, and thought I had turned off camera but it kept running. Sorry for the shakiness!

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