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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great Visit at Nana and Baba's house

Baba bought 3 giant chocolate bunnies for his girls!

One content Daddy

The best daughter-in-law EVER!

Daddy's girl


Riding in the back of Baba's truck

Such a funny expression!

Sticky Kate and her Aunt B

We got 6 chicks!  Thank you, Laurie, for being willing to take them after the girls went back home!

Baba reading to the girls

Lucy in the yard with flowers
(With apologies to the Beatles)

Thanks for coming over, Diane!

Ella loved holding the chicks!

Dress-up time

Lucy's a clown!

You can tell we all lived in Japan!

How can our baby be 2 years old?

Mom and Ella with Kate's "MOON CAKE" (she's into the moon now)

Lovin' her some moon cake

Trying out her new puzzle from Aunt B

Daddy and Mommy with their new 2 year old!

Tarzan Ella

Daddy and girls at the park

At the mall

At Kate's Birthday lunch

I love Lucy's expression!

Already into computers!

Sushi night!

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Justin & Raluca said...

I think I want to come stay at Nana and Baba's too, so much fun!