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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pittsburgh Marathon

We went to Pittsburgh over the weekend for Barbara's 60th birthday and it turns out it was the time for the marathon. Over 25,000 people ran, and the course passes within 2 blocks of Dave and Rinny's and one block of Erin's house.

Beautiful flowers were everywhere in bloom. The weather was perfect.

Here's a video clip, with a lady especially intent on encouraging the runners:

Different groups provided free food and drinks.

Here's our little cheering section that grew as things progressed.

Ella practiced jump rope.

Which way are they coming from?

Kate's ready

A band played the whole time, and my favorite was when they did "Chariots of Fire"!

And my next favorite was "Oye Como Va"

Some of us participated in carb loading.


One of Pittsburgh's finest

Elapsed time station


I'm not up on my superheroes so don't know who this is.

Kate really go into the cheering folks on. Or maybe it was just the carb loading!

The girls' cousin Ian was there too. And he IS cool.

Someone in the crowd was holding this balloon - I guess it was a runner's b'day. Happy 60th, Nana! The next blog entry will show Nana's surprise trip!

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