Dave & Barb Bindewald

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exploring Our Neighborhood

This weekend was the first truly relaxing time in our nearly two months here. There is a walking path behind our house and we decided to follow it for a good while, and here is what we found.

Starting out from our house. That's the mail box slot your letters come to! The name plate is the owner's name. We are ordering our own to cover it over as long as the Lord allows us to stay here.

Here we go...

So inviting after many days of moving, buying stuff, settling, working.

These guys are everywhere right now. Maybe 2 inches long.

A Palmetto tree! Just like South Carolina! Sort of!

This part of the path goes alongside a pretty big road. It's 10-20 feet down below, such that the overhead sign is level with the path.

The road below

She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Lots of different options for walking and biking.

Oddly shaped thing (the tree on the left, that is) 

There was a sports area along the way and I think this is Japanese basketball.

Saw this in someone's yard - a Japanese stone lantern. I read they were first used in Shinto shrines.

Another one of those guys.

So peaceful and inviting

Sorry but I just can't quit with the flowers

Some of you will remember our dog, Sneakers. We got him in 1989 or so, the first time we were in Japan, and loved him dearly. We brought him home to SC with us when we left in 1998, and he lived several more years. He was a Shiba Inu, almost exactly like this one. When we saw him we had to go over and talk and tell them about our dog and how smart he was. They are doing the same trick with him that we did. You hold a snack in front of him and he will wait forever (drooling the longer he waits) motionless, until you say OK. Or, hai in this case.

We think this is a Confederate Rose

 Back home again. Our neighbor raises Bonsai trees and we love them. These are about a foot and a half tall.

We have found a place for the garden stone we brought with us. The M&M ladies gave it to Barbara. So true that your heart cannot help but be warmed when exposed to the warmth of the gospel. We are feeling it more and more as we get settled into our new home!


Brent Kooi said...

So good to live vicariously through you all. I'm so glad you live in my old house and are enjoying it!

Catherine said...

Enjoyed going on the walk with you around your neck of the woods. And yes, Barb definitely just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Karen said...

What a lovely path to walk or ride on. Although I'm sure one can more out of a walk than out of a "fast" bike ride. Thank you so much for sharing with us.