Dave & Barb Bindewald

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lord's Day at Our New Church

We have found a church we will be primarily attending. It is called Megumi no Mori Christ Church, the first words meaning "Forest of Grace." Here is a video of the children's singing time before worship this morning. They are singing "Ha-Ha-Hallelujah."

Later in the service we sang "Be Thou My Vision"

Here is a shot of the service. Barbara is just visible on the front row far right.

We are so happy to be working with Pastor and Mrs. Han, MTW missionaries from Korea. The English on the far left of the sign says Open House, the name used for the classes taught at all the MTW churches.

Back home now, some shots of flowers growing in our yard. We feel more and more like our lives and ministry are blossoming. Most days are good, but we do miss you all!


Julie said...

so happy you have found a church home! we miss you guys so much! love you tons!!!!

Pauline said...

Love the flowers. I wish I had a green thumb:(
We miss you guys too. Especially this past weekend when we had Sharing the harvest and missed seeing Dave there:)