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Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 2

Today was a work day around the home base at Honda Chapel. We will be going north tomorrow for a one day trip to Iwaki. Today we helped move some appliances from the missionary storage shed to a "new" rental house which the team leased for the many groups likely to be coming in the future. Then we built some storage shelves in a small building near the home base

This morning we were briefed on the work done so far and on future strategy. Pastor Takata has been doing a lot of the organizing work and is showing Paul some of the details.

 My first time driving since coming back. We went to pick up materials for the shelving. I only turned on the wipers twice when trying to turn. Then Paul drove home - first time driving in Japan in 14 years! It did make us feel more useful going by ourselves and not taking up valuable staff members' time. They are so tired after such a long hard time in the earthquakes' aftermath. Many aftershocks but we haven't felt any yet.

Working on the shelving.


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Christina said...

We are praying for both of you...especially since you are allowing Paul to drive! ha ha Just kidding! God Bless and keep you safe as you move forward with your mission over the next few days!