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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japan Relief Trip

 Getting packed up. United Airlines waived fees on four bags each.
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 Pretty varied assortment of stuff!

 Clay came to pray for us

Team mate Paul Bishop and good friend Shelley

 Interviewed by Hannah Horne WIS-TV
Click here to watch.

 Ready to depart Columbia

 In Chicago O'Hare in plenty of time to connect

 Catching up on stuff

 Our plane

 All Nippon Airways food

 The stewardess took our picture

Sometimes only heaven's perspective makes sense of our paths 

 Never seen this before - Immigration almost deserted

We HAD to eat again

 We are based at Honda Chapel in Chiba. Tohoku is the name of the larger area where the earthquake and tsunami hit.

 Several pics of a Sunday School room taken over as headquarters

 Bob Drews, MTW Chiba missionary, and team mate Paul Bishop

Paul and I will probably be here at the home base doing assigned tasks for a day or so and then go north to help directly with relief efforts. It is a 6-7 hour drive. The other three members of our team arrived here Tuesday and left at 3 this morning to drive up.

Need sleep! Barely running on jet lag fumes. Should be able to post tomorrow before going north.

Thanks again so much for your prayers!

See Paul's blog here.


Rachel said...

Thanks for blogging. Technology still amazes me. Loved the picture of you and your MAC...
Praying for your stamina, that a great work would be done and God be gloried!
Rachel C

Blake said...

My prayers are with you guys, I found your blog through my friend, Mr. Wilson.

I live in Japan and occasionaly volunteer for Tohoku Relief at the Christian Academy in Japan for CRASH.

Will be praying for you guys and your experiences and meetings!

~Also I recognize that terminal gate at Chicago O'Hare! I've walked through that same gate countless times, enough to recognize that picture.

Erin said...

I love you dad!