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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 4 - Trip to Iwaki City

Today we drove 4 hours into Iwaki City to serve food, give out toys, ball caps, SC T-shirts, beef jerky and try to minister to those who are suffering. This area didn't receive extensive damage but a number are displaced even though able to sleep in their homes.

 One of our team prepares food at Honda Chapel before leaving.

List of things to take - gas burner, water, tea, kettles, tables, lights, etc.

 Portable gas burner for cooking

Almost ready to depart

Our group, joined by a team that had just arrived from Chattanooga

 The car I helped drive, full of team spirit!
Yes, that's kilometers per hour, not miles.

We worked through the ministry of Global Outreach Center, a church that is spearheading relief efforts. The bigger the group, the more shoes in the entry way.

Our group waiting at Global for our instructions

Outside Global's building - lots of groups coming through to help. These are some fire fighters from California and Nevada.

This is outside the building we served at. Not too much damage compared to other places, and no tsunami here. Had it only been earthquake and no tsunami anywhere the damage and loss of life would have been much less.

Setting up and cooking 

 Big urn for hot tea, stirring pot of sweet black and red bean "soup", a favorite dessert in Japan

 The group next to us cooking the main course, a chicken stew I think. It sure smelled delicious!

An interested visitor

 Cooking the dessert

Paul was able to meet up with friends from Iwaki from 14 years ago when he was a missionary here.

On the way there was another fairly strong earthquake while we were on the highway (this pic is from the first big one over a month ago). They closed the expressway and we had to get off and use side roads which delayed our arrival, but by God's grace we made it in time. 

We continue to pray that as God shakes our world in mercy that many would 
turn to him and receive forgiveness and grace.
I couldn't help but think of Steve Green's song based on Hebrews 11:10 -

I'm looking for the city with a true foundation
A home in the heavens not made by hands
Its designer and builder is the Lord of the ages
He prepared it for me
Before the world began
We ended with singing in the lobby of the building. I didn't take pictures or video of the people because it didn't seem appropriate, but they clapped after each song and really seemed to appreciate the food served for their souls, too.

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Butch said...

Actually, it's Sherry, for us Hastys.... not Butch :-)

Am so grateful for the posts! Thanks for being our feet and hands in Japan! I am so glad you are there! Am checking your blog daily! Praying for the people you are meeting, for comfort and for you and teams-- for your rest and recharging.