Dave & Barb Bindewald

Friday, June 18, 2010

A Miraculous Day

I've got to tell you about my day yesterday. It was truly amazing. I found out the day before that I was to lead a Japanese Bible Study for women and teach them about Scripture memory and meditation (M&M). I thought Sally would be there to translate, but remembered that morning that she would not be there. I was so scared and out of my comfort zone, and Dave reminded me to SHOW UP and trust God to help me and leave the results to Him. So after praying desperately and looking up a few words in Japanese like "memorize" and "meditate", etc, I went, but in fear and trembling. GOD SHOWED UP! Of course, He's always there, but I tell you, I spoke in Japanese and listened to the ladies' Japanese from 11 am to 4 pm!!!!!! And we connected! We really connected! They seemed to understand what I was saying, and I understood at least part/half of what they were saying. And slowly our vast differences and barriers melted away and we were sisters in Christ and were encouraging each other in our walks with Him! I'm still awestruck over what God allowed me to experience. I also know from experience that today might be an awful day linguistically....but that's okay. God revealed Himself to us yesterday! Praise His Name!


Pauline said...

That is awesome! Just reading that made me nervouse for you. But how comforting to know that God was right there next to you the entire time. I need to remember that next time I have to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone!

Julie said...

Praise God, Barb! I agree with Pauline ... what a terrifying situation to find yourself in. But isn't that what we need to show how BIG God is!? This is one of those stories if His love you will cherish forever.

Jess said...

If this M&M is anything like the one you lead at LPC, it can't HELP but be a blessing to all! You are such a wonderful teacher and sweet spirit-- I think you could teach the nations in any language and they would understand you! :) Your message exudes from every bit of you- You are a blessing!