Dave & Barb Bindewald

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Days 1 & 2

We're so thankful for a good night's sleep on our futons. We took tylenol PM and were able to sleep until 6 am instead of getting up with jet lag at the usual 3 am! Friday we move into the Iverson's house where we'll be staying until we go back to the States. For now we're staying at a young man's house which is traditional Japanese style. We walked around by ourselves yesterday, taking it all in, remembering the old and noticing the new things. Here are some pictures we took.

At the airport!

Dave in front of Honda Chapel, MTW's newest church, and the mission school on the left (yes, the school is the one with the steeple!

Living room of the Japanese house we are staying in for 3 days, with tatami mat floor

Dave EARLY the first morning! June is the month for hydrangeas - they're everywhere

Nice to see something familiar, but we didn't get any

A house in the neighborhood...

Thank you, thank you for your prayers for us! We had a team worship time this morning and had some good conversations with some of the missionaries here. Tomorrow morning Dave teaches a two hour class on "Renewal in Grace" to Japanese folks (with translation) and in the afternoon I have the first M&M class with several Japanese ladies who have been studying Romans. Some are believers, some are not. We'll be M&M-ing (memorizing and meditating) on Isaiah 53:4-6 and Isaiah 61:10. Please pray!


Brantley said...

How exciting and wonderful! God is so good. Looking forward to seeing more updates.

Rachel said...

Love the pictures on your blog. Where are the sushi carts? It is VERY hot here. YOu picked a good time to leave. We are praying for you.
Rachel and Paul C.