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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sushi and the Grocery Store

Tonight (Saturday) we drove to a big shopping center area and went out for sushi at a place called "kaiten zushi" which means it is served on a small conveyor belt. But we were the only ones there, so he served us directly. When there are more customers he makes different kinds of sushi and puts it on the conveyor belt and you take off the plate you want as it goes by. You stack up your plates as you eat and then when it's time to pay, the lady counts your stack and charges by the plate. We told the chef we were from South Carolina and he asked if we had this kind of restaurant and of course we said no, but that we did have other sushi restaurants. I think this was the best raw tuna we've ever had, and this kind of place isn't upscale at all.

Eleven plates!

A couple videos of the revolving belt sushi counter:

Then on to the grocery store...

Pickles, fermented veggies for condiments

Just flowers, not for eating!

Lots of delicious vegetables

 Breaded fried ham and mincemeat cake

Ground chicken on the left and ground pork on the right

Lots and lots of fish of many varieties

Rice which is cooked for almost every meal

In the checkout line

You bag your own groceries

Sneaked picture of young girl and her mom

And now home from the parking garage. It's free if you spend over a certain amount.


Rachel said...

Is "kaiten zushi" as good as Shealy's?
Love ALL the interesting photos!
rachel C

Fiddlestix said...

So good to see where you are in Japan! Thanks for letting us peek at your life!

Julie said...

such a fun post!

Cheryl said...

Thanks so much for letting us "in" on all those wonderful memories!!! It has been a wonderful gift from you to share the pictures and videos with us. Yet, we miss you and look forward to your coming back to us. Much love Cheryl and Mickey