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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23rd

Today was a busy day with the missionaries: a concert of prayer starting at 7am and going until 11am. Then a break, grocery shopping, (Dave's getting good at driving around!) and getting a room ready for a couple coming to visit who are parents of a short-termer. They're due in any minute. Then at 4:30 M&M time with the missionary ladies and Dave met with the guys. Then a walk to Brent's house where we stayed when we first arrived to have dinner with all the team. Lots of fun getting to know the folks here a little better.  So, it was an English day!  Tomorrow is a busy day, with Japanese people all day, starting with Dave leading Sonship Follow-up #2, then for Barb, two English classes, one of which is M&M. (Scripture Memory and Meditation).  Dave hopes to make some progress on some of the jobs on his repair list.

Bob and Sally, two of the leaders of the team, checking their calendars...

Pretty flowers outside Honda Chapel

Dave posing with Big Boy at his restaurant

Team time; there were about 15 people present

Good night all....zzzzzzzzzzzzz
We love you, and really appreciate your prayers!

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