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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Japan Relief Trip - Day 3

On the way to the work site, we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants, 7-11

The dirt and gravel parking lot we used for the distribution

Setting up tents, generator and cooking stuff in the rain

Evans putting up the tent wall

Wilson, Jim and Dave on the way to help a man with installation of new kitchen set up

Out with the old (notice high water mark just above my head

The new stove, called a gas table

Jim working on plumbing, with limited tools

Almost done!

The Help Tohoku HQ onsite, right in the middle of the devastation. MTW is renting this facility as a base of operations.

The front of Help Tohoku, where much of your money went over our two trips

Evans and Steve after a long day's work

Paul's job was to hold the van door open  :-)

Street view - people still live in these conditions

Even though many lives were uprooted, new life is springing forth!

Advertisement for children's meeting

They found a home center that had kerosene stoves at a great price, but it was two per customer. So all the missionaries lined up and bought them to hand out to needy families.

And of course the food -- you gotta eat, right?

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