Dave & Barb Bindewald

Monday, October 24, 2011

Japan Relief Trip - Day 5 - Monday

Back to Ishinomaki, cleaning out houses and finishing Mr. Ishikawa's kitchen

Stefan and Evans tearing out sheet rock

Steve goes at it

Lots of police cars from different areas of Japan came to help

Almost strange to see a normal house

 Almost finished!

Mr. Ishikawa's house

Ready for work

 Portable propane tanks for cooking and soon for heating too

Portable generator for a laptop!

 Dave and a happy Mr. Ishikawa with his new kitchen

Wilson and Mr. Ishikawa in front of new stuff! He barely escaped the tsunami, and his wife clung to the top of their refrigerator for nearly a day. Their dog was trapped inside the car for over a day but was rescued by a passerby. The new friend comes to see the dog ("Bonito") every week. Mr. Ishikawa was a fishing boat captain who would catch up to 1,000 tuna per trip.

Dave trying to explain to Mr. Ishikawa why he has no water

Wilson and Dave with the gas man who hooked up the gas table

Built in dishwasher, too 

Jim & Mr. Ishikawa

The gas table comes to life


Dave and Barb said...

Well done, good and faithful servants! What a joy...

Brantley said...

The kitchen looks great! It seems so strange for you all to work without shoes on!