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Thursday, July 8, 2010

CAJ & Shibuya

CAJ is Christian Academy in Japan, where our children went during our years in Japan. We were able to visit with dear friends who live nearby and had a delightful time renewing our friendship. Then we went to a very trendy cool place called Shibuya Station in the heart of downtown Tokyo.

Stopped for gas at Eneos Dr. Drive on the way to the station

Full service attendant

127 yen per liter for regular comes to about $5.65 per gallon

View from the front of the train

Main entrance

On CAJ campus in front of gym

Classroom building

A black dragonfly but he wouldn't open his wings

On to our friends' house-- they have a beautiful Japanese garden including these bonsai trees

More of the garden

Close-up of bonsai

Hybiscus with ants getting nectar

We had such a good time with gracious hosts!

We were served delicious treats that just kept coming

We timed the day so that we arrived at Shibuya station after dark. The people, lights, colors and sounds are amazing.

There is a famous story in Japan about a faithful dog named Hachiko (Google it if you're interested!). We heard a new movie is being made about it in the States.

Barbara and Sherry outside Starbucks

Oops, how'd that get in here?

Video of crosswalk. Five streets converge and when it's time to cross, it is a few minutes of ordered chaos.

It was a long exhausting day! This is the last leg of our return train trip at about 10:30 p.m. when a very tired (and somewhat inebriated) businessman fell asleep on Sherry's shoulder.


Pauline said...

We actually watched that movie the other night (it's out on DVD). It was good but sad. Jesse was balling:( it's funny that you blogged about it because I was wondering if you knew about that story.

Butch said...

What a glorious day this was. Actually as tired as we were, I should have been sleeping on HIS shoulder :-)