Dave & Barb Bindewald

Friday, July 2, 2010

Walking Around Chiba Downtown

Chiba City proper is a bustling metropolitan area of over a million people. We went today and walked around to get a feel for it.

On the way we saw this parking place which has a motorized lift

 Just outside the train station

A street cleaner with white gloves and tongs for cigarette butts and other trash

One of the main crossing areas

View of street just before making drivers very upset

Chiba Monorail - train hangs from below the rail

 Very interesting building with white hands and red fingernails embracing it. We have no idea of the significance, if any.

Canal of some sort with murky water

A Prius taxi

High rise apartment building

Owl-shaped building. Whoooo works here?

Taxi stand near train station


Pauline said...

I'd like to know the significance of that building. Very interesting:) Hope you all are doing well.

Rachel said...

Very interesting parking garage. Love your pictures.
Happy July 4th!