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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trip to Nagoya

Our church supports the Newsomes in Nagoya so we went to visit them for the first time on Monday and Tuesday. We went on the bullet train, or Shinkansen. It was a great visit seeing their work (and participating in some classes and Bible studies).

From the bullet train window

A wind power turbine

More from the window at very high speed!

Shopping area inside Nagoya station

Huge camera and electronics store in Nagoya

Outside Nagoya station

Another shot outside Nagoya station

Nisshin Christ Church in Nagoya where Wayne and Amy serve

A Bible study where we shared

A neighbor of the Newsomes, with her chihuahua named Milk

Their other chihuahua's name is Cookie (yes, milk and cookie!)

Sorry, more food pictures! Dave enjoying miso ramen.

Barbara's lunch

Good stuff!

Help yourself to pickles

Ramen shop folks seemed to enjoy having us!

Buying bullet train tickets home
Cleaning crew waiting to go to work

The bullet train we rode

 The "older" model on the left

Train tracks at Tokyo station

Lined up to board...

...and a video of the train coming into the station -

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