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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time to Say Goodbye

Our month in Japan is over; it went very fast for us. We're so grateful to the Lord and His people for giving us this great privilege of going back to Japan and serving the missionaries and Japanese believers and seekers here in Chiba and also in Nagoya.

We'll never forget all the experiences:
*reuniting with old friends and meeting many new friends
*seeing and hearing Japanese believers moved once again by the joy of the gospel
*remembering what it was like as new missionaries experiencing culture shock
*reliving the joy when we would have cultural successes in language and getting around
*loving hearing in Japanese The Lord's Prayer and the questions asked of someone when joining the church:
"Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation, as He is freely offered in the gospel?"

It's beautiful in any language!


We are thankful to God! Also, with all our hearts, we thank you, Japanese Christian friends and missionaries!

Video of "Before the Throne of God Above" in Japanese and English:

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Jimbo said...

the video of Before the Throne was amazing - thanks for posting that