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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving In to New House

How many Americans does it take to put together a Swedish IKEA bed in Japan?

Two, if you want to smile. Dave is holding the hammer, and Brent was the pencil man, even though we didn't use either.

 Black frame went pretty quickly, but the slat thingies were in a class by themselves. Took 5 times as long as frame. Each slat had to be individually woven/installed. And 10 of them had firm/soft adjuster slider controls, so each side could be different. But to change settings later, you have to take it apart back down to this level.

 Brent was a good sport!

Above and beyond the call of duty

Slats in

Sultan (that's what the label said) mattress #1

Sultan #2

Top pad

Fitted bottom sheets

Top spread/sheet/comforter cover

Beside bookcases/nightstands. Could only find one bulb.

Pillows, and robbed a bulb from the living room

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Rachel said...

Dave is such a nut! Thanks for documenting the Ikea bed. I will not order one now.