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Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday morning walk

Good morning! Jet lag still hanging on. Took a very early walk around our neighborhood for the first time...

 An unusually large house for Japan!

View of Oyumino, Chiba from walkway overpass

Will probably try this delivery place!

Beautiful walking path behind the house we will live in

Mind your manners

Looks like either a bug or a roller skate

Another nice new house with putting green back yard (golf balls on left)

 The building behind the big tree is where we are living now, in 2/3 of the first floor. Church is on 2nd floor. Car we are driving is in front of white van.

A three seater bike - baby up front, toddler in back, mom driving

Interesting bush trimming - Michelin, pancakes or hamburgers?

Pine tree trained to grow one branch out over entry gate, traditionally symbolizing protection for all who come and go

Some model of Honda, parked in front yard

Two car family w/ double carport. Love the colors!

But you can't beat God's colors

Another charming entry way. Not a lot of space available so you have to be creative.

A Daihatsu Move. The yellow plate means smaller engine, less insurance, cheaper inspection costs. We are seriously thinking of getting something like this.

You can legally have 4 occupants only with a yellow plate car (called a K car). Regular white plate cars can carry 5, and vans 6-7.

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