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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Settling into Regular Life

 Tonight's supper

Curry Rice with tomatoes and cukes

Caesar dressing for the veggies

A few fried gyoza

Pickles for the curry

Ice cream bites for dessert

Yesterday we took the train to Ikea and ordered a bed, sofa, pillows, lamps and some dishes. It will be delivered next week to our new/other/Brent's house.

Another vending machine

This shot is for our kids - they took the Musashino Line on their commute to school every day.

Back to our home station, Kamatori. Crosswalk over the street from the station to Aeon, our big shopping complex.

For Ella, Lucy & Kate - they have Dippin' Dots in Japan!!

A favorite for us is this place that makes these sweet treats baked with waffle batter and either cream, chocolate or red bean paste filling.

Gas burners underneath heat iron griddles making the two halves, and a glob of filling is added to one side, and then they use the wooden handle to flip one side over on the other.

Closeup of the finished product

One of the many stall type stores in Aeon

Checkout and self-bagging area of grocery store

 Different kinds of sushi


Catherine said...

those sweet treats look good! Do they have a "hot now" sign? ;)

and that sushi package looks much fuller than the ones at Publix!

Love your pictures, makes you feel not so far away.

Pauline said...

Thanks for sharing with us:) I love the pictures. Like Catherine said, its like you are just around the corner:) Hope you guys are well and look forward to seeing more:)
We love you!

Haley said...

I love the pictures! We definitely need to buy those waffle things together one day. =)

Rachel said...

Interesting pictures. I would like to taste the fish waffles. (?) Are they like an elephant ear? So many choices on the vending machines, too. Love the updates.

Stefan Taylor said...

The taiyaki looks awesome! Very much looking forward to more!