Dave & Barb Bindewald

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Supper Last Night

Barbara fixed another of our favorites, a cold noodle dish which was so good in this terrible heat. Over 90 every day with limited A/C.

Boil the noodles

Slice into thin strips the ham, scrambled egg, cukes, crab meat, and tomatoes into chunks

Drain and rinse noodles in cold water and drain again

 Arrange toppings on top of noodles

 Add cold sauce and have at it!


Pauline said...

Wow, that looks good and EASY!!! But what kind of sauce is it????

-J said...

These pictures make me hungry! and bring back so many memories, too. :)

Barbara Bindewald said...

Hi Pauline! It's a sesame-seed sauce that comes in packets with the fresh noodles. Umm good! Give our love to your family!