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Friday, August 24, 2012

Supper Tonight - Ordered In Pizza

We got a Deluxe Fresh from Pizza Hut. It was a stuffed crust, but stuffed with little sausages. Pretty good, except the sausages pop when you bite them. It had green peppers, ham slices, and plenty o'cheese.

They are running a "Fresh Mozzarella Series" featuring cheese from Hokkaido in northern Japan

There were special pizzas divided into 4 sections. Notice the A B C D symbol giving a schematic diagram. The Gorgeous 4 had BBQ Chicken, Mixed Seafood, Sicilian (is that eggplant?), Pizza Hut Gourmet, in that order.

This Friends 4 had Mayonnaise, Purukogi (never heard of it), Idaho Special (potato chunks), and Shrimp & Bacon in A B C D order

This is not in the 4 series, but is all Purukogi, of the Super Korean variety. Again, no idea what that means.

 Seafood Mix has shrimp, squid (the white rings), tuna & mayo mix, broccoli and onion.

Tuna Mild has tuna & mayo mix, bacon, onion and corn.

Notice all pizzas are Medium or Large. In US sizes that's more like Small and Medium. The L size Mixed Seafood is 3,600 yen, or $45. I paid $7.18 a gallon for gasoline last week. Milk is $7.58 a gallon (but you can only get a quart sized carton) at our local 7-11 store (yes, it is actually a 7-11).


Rachel said...

Wow, what prices! Milk is $2.50 a gallon at Kroger this week. is there a Wal-Mart that will match prices? Does the 7/11 have Slurpees? Or a Big Gulp? The Big Gulp is about to be outlawed in NY, along with all large drinks.Check out the pic in this site.
Love the interesting food pics. I think I would have to pass on most of the pizzas, except the Deluxe Fresh from Pizza Hut. Is there anything cheaper there that Americans enjoy?
Miss you guys.

Dave and Barb said...

No Wal-Mart. No Slurpees, no danger of big drinks being outlawed b/c there are no big drinks.

We went to COSTCO for the first time here in Japan, about 45 mins away. We had never been to one in the US. They had big cheaper pizzas, but we didn't get one. The temptation is to load up big time on everything, but then storage at home becomes the problem.

We are in no way suffering for food! So much of it is delicious.